Liverpool - Royal Princess

Aug 12, 2018

On July 16 2018 Royal Princess paid a visit to Liverpool. Berthed alongside the wonderfully revamped dock area the ship stood out majestic and proud. The weather on the day itself was not the best with the air full of threatening wind and rain but the excitement of the disembarking passengers was not to be dampened in any way as they set off to explore the city of Love, Love Love. Liverpool the home of The Beatles.

The Liverpool dock area has undergone a stunning rebirth. What was once an uninviting, run down riverside industrial site has become a chic and refined desirable space. The famous Liver Building, the symbol of Liverpool itself, now proudly presides over a collection museums, cafes, restaurants and living spaces. Taking a stroll along the banks of the river Mersey has never been such an enjoyable experience.

But let's not forget Royal Princess, a floating city unto herself. With multiple choices of fine restaurants, bars and lounges, a theatre, recreational areas, library and a chance to play golf on board, then Royal Princess is offers you the ultimate day out. And you can rest at night in a cabin which will challenge some of the finest hotel rooms in the world.

Princess Cruises and be booked at or by calling 0800 280 2469